Piano Parts and Supplies

River City Piano carries extensive catalogs to order parts for nearly every type of piano imaginable.

Many common parts are stored in the shop, such as:

  • Piano Hammers: Essential for producing the piano’s tone, our hammers are made from the finest materials, ensuring durability and exceptional sound quality.
  • Piano Keys: We offer replacement keys that are meticulously crafted to match the original look and feel of your piano, restoring its aesthetic and functional integrity.
  • Strings and Tuning Pins: Upgrade or repair your piano with our high-tensile strength strings and sturdy tuning pins, designed for lasting tuning stability and rich sound.
  • Pedals and Pedal Covers: Enhance your playing dynamics with our selection of pedals and elegant pedal covers, available for both grand and upright pianos.
  • Felts and Cloths: Protect your piano’s internal mechanisms with our premium felts and cloths, ensuring smooth operation and preventing wear and tear.
  • Lid Props and Locks: Secure and adjust your piano’s lid with our reliable lid props and locks, offering both safety and versatility.
  • Piano Benches and Cushions: Complete your piano setup with our comfortable and stylish benches and cushions, providing the perfect seating for hours of playing.
  • Furniture Pads: Protect your floors and ensure your piano remains stationary with our high-quality furniture pads. Designed to fit under piano legs, these pads prevent scratches and damage to flooring, while also reducing vibration and enhancing sound quality.

Cory Products:

Dusting cloth: This cloth is specifically made for piano finishes and is designed not to scratch the surface. It’s suitable for regular dusting and keeping the piano looking its best.

Piano key cleaner: Formulated for all types of piano keys, including plastic, ivory, ivorite, and wood. This cleaner helps in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the instrument keys, ensuring smooth performance and appearance.

Cleaning care kit: Available for either satin or high gloss finishes, this kit provides the necessary tools and solutions for thorough cleaning and maintenance of the piano’s exterior, catering to the specific finish of your piano.

Fixing Scratches

  • Howard Restor-A-Finish: A product designed to help restore the finish of your piano if it has suffered minor scratches or blemishes. It’s available in various colors to match your piano’s finish.
  • 0000 Steel wool: Recommended for use in conjunction with Howard Restor-A-Finish, this very fine steel wool is used to gently rub in the direction of the grain to smooth out scratches. It’s crucial to use it carefully to avoid further damage, always rubbing in straight lines with the grain.

Rub steel wool gently in direction of grain. Be very careful to rub in straight lines only, again, with the grain. Use whichever Howard product closely matches your finish color.

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